University King Overthrown

© Western New Mexico University

It was a catastrophe that not even Melisandre, the Red Woman could predict. During his weekly ceremonial feast at the Mustang Dining Hall, King Joseph Shepard looked down from his seat at the head of the table. As King Shepard bit into his roasted boar, fresh from Winterfell, and took a drink from his goblet, he noticed something different.

“I remember approaching his majesty, and he looked at me like he was trying to say something, but the words would not come out” said David Cota, Resident Peasant at WNMU.

Moments later the students witnessed President Shepard motioning with his arms and they realized what had happened. The President had been poisoned. “We could hear him mumble before his last gasp, ‘we always repay our…’ and then he fell to the ground” said Chief Edward Flores. “Our guess is he was referring to the new tuition guarantee, but we can’t be certain until we investigate further. Crows have been sent across the seven counties spread the news.

Many speculate that there had been tensions within the King’s small council, a body that advises the king of seven kingdoms and institutes policy in his command. The Small Council is determined to not have the Iron Throne sit empty. Dr. Jack Crocker, Provost, will now rule the university.

“I promise to all people that King Shepard’s vision of fairness, quality, and affordability will be established throughout the five campuses,” said Crocker.

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