Author George R.R. Martin visits Silver City, talks new season

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The upcoming season of Game on Thrones, premiering on April 12, will have new twists and turns that even the most ardent fan will find shocking.

Martin calls Santa Fe home, the state’s capital city where he also owns a theater. His trek down south to the historic streets of Silver City was his chosen location for his talk “Spoiler Alert: The Uncounted Death of the New Season”.

Martin began his talk by relating to a familiar hero to Silver City residents, Billy The Kid. Martin explained that ‘The Kid’ was restrained by the powers of authorities in the southwest, not allowing him to become the powerful, and bloody, ruler of his time.

“He would have become a perfect fit for one of my books,” said Martin. He was on track to become a ruler with no mercy, a ruthless, unapologetic character that destroyed anyone in his way.

After revealing some surprising plot lines for the fifth season, Martin visited the reconstructed log cabin, modeled after the childhood home of Billy The Kid.


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