Elsa Brings Winter With A Freeze on Tuition

© Western New Mexico University

For four seasons, students have been wondered when winter would finally arrive. The time has come and it arrived by a familiar yet surprise member of royalty. Elsa, known to most Dothrakians as Khaleesi, was behind the suspenseful arrival of cold throughout land.

Winter Is Coming was a phrase for which the residents of Vaes Dothrak lived under. Now they are living under a new motto, Winter Is Here. The arrival of cold, brought by a queen who can also walk in fire, was a surprise for the Dothraki people who once called their queen Khaleesi.

“We don’t know who Elsa is but what she has brought us is liberating,” said many Vaes Dothrak villagers. While the Dothraki don’t believe in money, they are welcoming the effects of the cold with a tuition freeze on all incoming Dothraki students. A guarantee on stable tuition prices is one sign of a new beginning brought by a queen by a different name whose life motto is a new three-word phrase: Let It Go.

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