Dothraki Studies Implemented By Popular Demand

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Universities are challenged to stay up with the times, and in a medieval world, times are always changing.

“We have always been a Hispanic Serving Institution, but recently we have had an overwhelming demand for classes that meet the need of our Dothraki students,” says Matthew Lara, Director of Admissions. He is referring to a fast-growing population of students that skip the admissions process entirely, something the university is grappling to accept in its goal to increase enrollment while meeting the needs of this new breed of students.

It has been said that Dothraki do things in their own time, for their own reasons. With that philosophy, semesters begin and end when students are ready.

New fall courses include sword fighting, horsemanship, body painting and hand-to-hand combat. This program is incredibly competitive and only the strong will pass.

“It’s hard not showering for days and scavenging off the land, but my professor was so passionate about my development, that it made me never want to dismount my horse,” said Michael Humphries, Dothraki freshman.

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